Bob Schmidt - President and Creative Director

Bob Schmidt graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. He worked his way through school operating his own advertising agency handling a wide variety of local clients, including retail businesses and political candidates. With a thorough background in local marketing, Bob moved to New York after college and joined the creative department of Young & Rubicam, one of America's leading advertising agencies.

In the years since, Bob has worked as a Creative Director, Marketing Director and Senior Marketing Strategist for a number of major advertising and sales promotion agencies, including Saatchi&Saatchi, serving both consumer clients and business-to-business clients. Bob has created award-winning marketing campaigns for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including MasterCard International, M&M Mars, Coca-Cola Foods, Miller Brewing Company, and numerous others in the consumer packaged goods, business-to-business, automotive and franchise fields. In addition to work with Miller Brewing (LITE beer), he has also worked with Hiram Walker, Seagram's, Teacher's Scotch and other liquor brands.

Bob's expertise includes New Business Development, Strategic Planning, Public Relations, Licensing and Merchandising, Web Site Development, E-commerce, Internet Marketing, Special Events, Experiential Marketing, Consumer Advertising, B2B Advertising, Promotion Planning, New Product Development, and Creative Development.

Ron Carulli - Executive Vice President - Ron is a highly respected, successful direct mail and marketing services pro who has been offering clients cost-effective graphics and advertising products for over 20 years.

Ashley Hoke - Marketing Director - Ashley Hoke has an MBA in Marketing and 7 years of Marketing & Advertising experience. Ashley is an active member with the Chamber of Commerce and is responsible for business development in the Berks County area.

Marcia Hatch - Webmaster - Marcia has a bachelor's degree in Geophysics from UC Berkeley and over 15 years professional experience as a Computer Programmer. Marcia's area of expertise is Web Site Development and Management.

Mike Doyle - Account Manager - Mike has over 20 years Marketing and Account Management experience. Mike's main focus is Business Advertising Development and Customer Relations in Chester County.

Catherine Peluso - Graphic Designer - Catherine, graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, has 20 years advertising experience with national grocery stores and magazines, and major industries including Burpee Seed Company, Hanover Foods, Dole Mushroom Company, and Boy Scouts of America.

Megan Trite - Marketing Director - Megan has over 5 years of marketing experience. Graduated from Millersville University, she is currently focusing on implementing creative cost effective marketing ideas and strategies designed to meet the specific needs of businesses in Lancaster County PA.